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    Welcome to GetFluxed
    A Team of the Modding Minecraft Community
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Our Mods

We love creating mods and the community

Our mods

Our mods are a mix between technology progression, infusions, power and technical ones. We don't limit ourselves to a type of mod but we try and expand as much as possible. Up until now we've made many mods but our notable ones are just a few!

Fluxed Crystals

Fluxed Crystals is about growing crystals that produce metals, liquids and different items.


Allows you to create custom recipes, infusions and much more, via JSON files.

Mod Tweaker 2

Allows you to adjust, remove or even create new recipes with an extensive list of mod supported by it.

Cloud Core (WIP)

Allows you to save and backup your world in a remote and secure server via HTP/SFTP/FTPS. Work in progress.


We love adding features to our mods, if you have an idea that fits our mod, feel free to let us know in IRC or Twitter.


While creating a mod sometimes we add unnecessary things or progress lines, if you like or dislike something, feedback is always welcome.

Issues and Bugs

We can't release a perfect mod, but we can always fix bugs and issues, send us a message in IRC or put an issue on out GitHub.

About us

We are passionate and love modding

Who we are

GetFluxed was founded in December 2014 by Jared and Tiesti the main founders, we first started as a joke for Magical Crops but expanded quickly and took it seriously.

Now having released more than 4 mods and adding new members to the team, the GetFluxed team gets more excited about it's future and new mods currently being made!

Currently we have a few mod planned such as CloudCore, FluxIO and others, we're taking it slowly but we're sure not done releasing mods for the awesome community!

Why do we make mods?


We love giving back to the awesome Minecraft community, regardless of all the drama that happens sometimes, we still love every single one of you!

We enjoy making mods

It's really an amazing experience creating a mod and seeing the reaction and love that it gets, it's like watching a little baby grow up, we love making mods.


Because of you! You're awesome and you've supported us a lot, giving us ideas, feedback and helping us fix different bugs, thank you!

Our Skills

  • 90% Java

  • 85% Photoshop

  • 70% HTML 5

Meet the Team, who make everything possible


Founder, Coder

Jared is one of the founding members of GetFluxed and main Coder.


Founder, Web Dev, Creative Designer

Tiesti is one of the founding members of the team and artists.



John is one of the talented coders of GetFluxed and likes to keep the "crowd" down!


Texture Artist, 3D Models

One of the more recent members of the GetFluxed team and talented texture artist and 3D Modeler.


at #jaredlll08 in irc.esper.net
or #GetFluxed in irc.esper.net

Email us

tiesti.al@gmail.com or getfluxedteam@gmail.com

Connect with us

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